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Image by Ruchindra Gunasekara

Our Services

At The Gifting Company, we pride ourselves on delivering a suite of services designed to ensure your products are presented and delivered in the best possible manner. From the inception of a product idea to its final shipment, we cover every step to guarantee execution.

Small Parcel Fulfillment

Delivering with diligence and speed, especially for those time-sensitive and delicate items.

  • Immediate shipping tailored for temperature-sensitive products.

  • Offering both food-grade conditioned and unconditioned storage spaces.

  • Options for pick and label or pick and pack.

Chocolate Co-manufacturing

Blending artistry and precision to craft exquisite chocolate creations.

  • Specializing in chocolate and confection enrobing.

  • Expert hand-dipping for that personal touch.

  • Advanced molding techniques for intricate designs.

Drop Shipping

Crafting cold chain solutions that ensure your parcel’s freshness from our door to your recipient's.

  • Expertise in cold chain management for perishables.

  • Seamless integration with shipping partners for efficient and timely deliveries.


Turning separate components into a harmonious finished product.

  • Tailored assembly lines for efficiency.

  • Precision-based approaches ensuring product integrity.


Your product deserves the best packaging; we deliver just that.

  • Vertical bagging for streamlined packing.

  • Preform standup bag filling for premium product presentation.

  • Flow wrapping and foil wrapping for preserving freshness and aesthetics.

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